We are seeds waiting in our chairs
soaking up drinks waiting for light and air
so we can bloom
-Carole Walker


This is how I #Bloom 

Bloom is the 1st EP in a series of 4 to be released in 2015. "Bloom" for me is a way awakening to the beauty, strength and endurance that sits within us all. To celebrate this awakening the EP artwork will be a collection of all the stores and pictures that I will be collecting over the next few months.
All you need to do to be part of this is to download the file and color it any way you want.
NO NEED TO STAY IN THE LINES. Once its all fabulous  Post 2 pictures 1st with you and your work of art the 2nd… Read more


Songwriter Soul with a Funky kick is how Carole Walker self describes her crafted sound. Her songwriting goes far beyond convention. She weaves her lyrics into a tapestry of spoken word, poems, and heartfelt songs all wrapped in her warm powerful voice. Mike Breen "CityBeat" magazine (Cincinnati, Oh) says “Carole Walker has been equally lauded for her soulful, lilting vocal ability, which get its calling card with Be Yourself (she can somehow occasionally sound like Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Ani DiFranco and Erykah Badu in the span of one line)."Read More...


Carole Walker VIP Room VIP Lounge at Riverbend Music Center

Riverbend, 6295 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth



Sunset 66 1820 Veterans Ave , Vandalia, IL 62471

icture it: Rural Midwest on a clear August night. If you like camping, music, food, inspiration, and like souls where everyone fits, then come celebrate with us at Venus Music Festival!

Artists from around the US congregating in one place to raise the energy level to epic proportions. Vibrate on a plane of highest intent. Shine and share your best nature… LOVE! Come and camp under the stars for two nights.

Meet & Greet, Karaoke, and Open Mic on Friday!

On Saturday, peruse the marketplace where you will find massage, tarot card readings, inspirational bookstore, beautiful up-cycled creations, kettle corn, and shaved ice! Learn something new in one of our workshops – whether it is Ghost Hunting with the Bond County Ghost Hunter’s Association or Letting Go and Setting Intentions, you are SURE to find something interesting!

Sunday morning guided meditation before you go home rejuvenated for the rest of the year… then… make plans to come back next year!!!

August 28, 29, and 30th

Tickets only $35

Proceeds go to the “Love, Mrs. Osborne” project that gives financial support to students who are involved with music programs!

35 Age limit: 18+ or w/adult


Carole Walker

Lilly's - Music & Social House (TENT), 2321 Arsenal, , St Louis, MO


Hot Times Community Music and Arts Festival

240 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

The annual Hot Times Community Music and Arts Festival is an independent and all volunteer driven community arts and music festival in Columbus, Ohio. The location of the festival is a beautiful grassy area with mature hardwood trees providing the perfect spot to relax and enjoy music!


Ohio Lesbian Festival

Frontier Ranch, 8836 York Rd SW , Pataskala, OH 43062-9026

The Ohio Lesbian Festival is a not-for-profit, volunteer driven womyn

RP2_4204only event designed to promote womyn’s community, music and art. The Festival was founded on the premise that lesbians and queer womyn need opportunities and spaces to recognize and support each other, to define our culture, to find our own strengths and to be empowered. The Festival is open to all womyn.

If you Google “lesbian festival” you will see that we are one of the longest running lesbian festivals, as well as, one of the only remaining spaces dedicated to creating a festival for all womyn-lesbian, straight, bi, trans, etc; regardless of their age, socio-economic status, race, gender identity, religion or sexual orientation.